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2014.09.30 14:42

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Title: Hybrid Control of Contention Window and Frame Aggregation for Performance Enhancement in Multi-Rate WLANs

Author: Muhammad Adnan and Eun-Chan Park

Journal: Mobile Information Systems (http://www.iospress.nl/journal/mobile-information-systems/)


The IEEE 802.11 standard has been evolved to support multiple transmission rates in wireless

local area networks (WLANs) to cope with diverse channel conditions and to increase throughput.

However, when stations with different transmission rates coexist, the basic channel access mechanism

of WLAN, distributed coordination function (DCF), not only fails to assure airtime fairness among

competing stations but also decreases overall network throughput, because DCF was designed to

provide fair opportunity of channel access, regardless of transmission rate. As an effective solution to

this problem, we propose a hybrid control mechanism that integrates contention window control and

frame aggregation. The former adjusts the size of contention window and differentiates the channel

access opportunity depending on the transmission rates of stations. The latter controls the number

of packets in the aggregated frame to tightly assure per-station airtime fairness with the reduced

channel access overheads. Moreover, we derive an analytical model to evaluate the performance of

the proposed mechanism in terms of throughput and fairness. Along with the analysis results, the

extensive simulation results confirm that the proposed mechanism significantly increases the overall

throughput by about three times compared to the conventional DCF, while assuring airtime fairness


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