The paper, "Analysis and Design of Best-effort Broadcasting Services in Cellular Networks" 

by Eun-Chan Park, Minho Kim and Kyung-Joon Park,

has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.

Abstract—In this paper, we propose a novel best-effort broadcast service (BEBS) scheme in cellular networks, which can be

used for location-based advertising and real-time multimedia broadcasting. Unlike the conventional broadcasting service that

aims to assure reliable data delivery to every user, the main objective of the proposed BEBS is to maximize the effective

capacity at the cost of reliability. To this end, we introduce the notion of target reliability and formulate the problem of

maximizing the capacity of BEBS under any given reliability constraint. By deriving an analytical model, we investigate the

effect of target reliability on the achievable capacity. We further prove several key properties of BEBS with respect to the optimal value of target reliability and the maximum gain of the achievable capacity. In order to realize the maximum achievable capacity of BEBS, we propose two feedback control schemes that adjust the target reliability or modulation and coding scheme based on the estimate of relative gain of BEBS. We validate our analytical model by comparison with simulation. Also, the simulation results confirm that the proposed schemes for BEBS significantly outperform the conventional reliable broadcasting under various network configurations.

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